The most common concern of an Apple customer when calling Apple is for booking an appointment in an Apple Retail Store. The role of an Apple advisor is not to book an appointment for customers for an iPhone repair but to help customer solve their concern over the phone. If their concerns are about hardware or software issue, Apple advisors can provide step by step instruction on how to solve the problem. If the customer insists for an appointment, then the Apple advisor can book an appointment for them.

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Here are the troubleshooting steps that an Apple customer should try before heading to an Apple Retail Store for an iPhone repair. This is easily remembered as the “3 R’s.”

  1. This is the most basic step on troubleshooting. For unresponsive screen or when an application quits unexpectedly, customer can always turn off the device and turn it on again to solve the problem.
  2. Hard Reset. This is often confused with the restart. “Reset” is different from a “restart.” Restart only involves pressing the “on and off button.” Hard reset requires pressing the two buttons; home button (the circle button at the middle of the device) and “on and off button.” Press and hold the two buttons at the same time and wait for 15 seconds. After 15 seconds, try to press the “on and off button” to restart the device.
  3. Restoring the device is often confused to “Reset.” Restore is putting the device back to its factory settings or in simple words, all the contents of your device will be erased.

Restore can be done in two ways:

  1. Using iTunes. If the device has no power, the customer can restore it using iTunes. Connect the iPhone to a computer that has a recent iTunes installed on it. Press and hold the home button and on/off button at the same time. Keep pressing and holding until you are able to see an arrow that points upward. An option to back-up and restore will appear on the computer’s screen.

Manual restore. If you can still access the settings of the device, find the option to restore the settings of the device. Instructions on how to restore an iPhone manually vary for each model, but commonly, it is on the settings page of the device.