Launched in April 2015, the Samsung s6 Edge is a gorgeous handset, earning the label as the first twofold curved display smartphone in the world. This striking smartphone comprises a 5.1 – inch great Active Matrix OLED (AMOLED) touchscreen displays with a curve edge screen as well as a very impressive 16-MP prime camera.


Screen Repair

The curve edge display feature of Samsung s6 Edge is what it sets apart from alike other smartphones. With this distinctive screen design, users can look at the notifications and messages even though the device is flipped over. As remarkable as the screen of Samsung s6 Edge is, still it’s prone to emerging issues over time. Ordinary screen issues affecting this smartphone are cracks, scratches and a shattered screen. If your phone needs screen repairs, stop in our shop for a cost-free consultation – you will not be disappointed.

Water Damage Repair

Though the Samsung S5 includes a water resistant design (provided that the port of the battery stays closed), the Samsung S6 Edge doesn’t. Just like many smartphones, this particular model is also prone to liquid damage, and so you have to be very careful. If your Samsung S6 Edge does take up liquid damage, remember that it’s not yet the end – you can take it to us for repairs. At our repair shop, our expert techs have the knowledge, tools and experience required to perform any cellphone repair, ensuring you have your device back to its normal condition as swiftly as possible.

Repair Cost

With regards to water damage and screen problems, cellphone repairs can sometimes be very expensive – particularly if you bring it to the service shop of its manufacturer. If you want to save yourself money and effort, pay a visit our local cellphone repair services. We provide free, fast diagnoses of ordinary smartphone issues as well as affordable, quick repairs for almost all problems. When you need repairs for your beloved Samsung S6 Edge, trust our reliable techs to repair it affordably and correctly.

We can repair your damaged Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. In our business, you’re the most essential aspect. From our well-trained, charming staff at every location to a very dedicated customer service, rest assured that your very satisfaction is the company’s first priority.