Maximizing Both Worlds: Real and Virtual

Office employees are always fun to see especially when they are loyally serving the company and the people you give service to. However, this is not always the case especially when you do not have enough budget to house in as many employees as possible. Outsourcing your services is really a great option for cost cutting without compromising the quality of the company’s output. The minor setback would be that, you cannot always talk to the employees face to face but that will be solved by video chats of course. Outsourcing can be painless today if you just have the right right software at the right company. You can boost your sales by having the same quality employees at lower cost without so much expenses on electricity, office rent, office foods, and others.

Virtual assistants are available around the globe and you just need to have a good search online. You can have a good “harvest” of employees from reputable websites like or There are also online firms that have a wonderful list of VAs. Among these is the  You can choose from a wide range of virtual assistants, from content writers, to programmers, graphic designers, and call center agents.

A virtual office is actually fun. However, if you are a very intrapersonal person, then it will require a great adjustment for you since you will work hard on typing, emailing, and just have talks over skype or other video chat software. Nonetheless, isn’t it amazing that your intrapersonal skills will have a different venue for you at work while you can still apply it in your everyday life? You will be maximizing both worlds: reality and virtuality.