4 Macbook Pro Sleeves That You Should Choose From

A macbook pro sleeve is important based from what I have realized lately. Sometimes, we feel like a laptop sling bag is enough but it helps a lot and even give more confidence about the laptop when there is a sleeve. Extra care means longevity for the machine, and a sleeve can give you that more years of service.

So recently I tried to look for the best laptop sleeves online and found 4 great options from a legit store named YrGear. I saw that they have just a few products in stock but realized that these are actually chosen out of the many options based on the quality and reasonability. So I found that they have the best options, giving everyone the benefit of saving time in researching.

For me, longevity is a priority for my laptop. Hence, I really find these sleeves capable of helping me pursue this goal. The top 4 laptop sleeves were:

  1. MacBook Soft Liner Sleeve Bag
  2. MacBook Soft Sleeve Case
  3. Leather-look MacBook Sleeve
  4. Split Leather Laptop Case for MacBook

The MacBook Soft Liner Sleeve Bag features a separate built-in pouch for accessories, making it very convenient in storing all accessories in just one bag. It is made of wool-felt material and protective interior that is water resistant. The smooth surface protects the laptop from scratches. Minimalists like me like the design and find it really pleasing in the eye.

The MacBook Soft Sleeve Case is having sleek artificial leather exterior that is water resistant. Just wipe it clean easily in seconds before and after using. Its all-around protection is evident in the suede-like interior too, which means your laptop inside is well protected. The materials used for this sleeve case are virtually weightless. I see that the dependability is high with this sleeve and it seems to be a great investment for your laptop’s longevity.

The Leather-look MacBook Sleeve can be a favourite of minimalists like me. Some gadgets can also fit in this are Macbook Air 11 and 13, Pro 13 and 15 Touch Bar, Pro DVD ROM 13 and 15, Pro Retina 13 and 15, and Macbook 12 and 13. It is easily shut or opened through its magnets in the cover.

The Split Leather Laptop Case for MacBook is brilliantly made with the advanced process- ‘paint edge’, making the stitching perfect and the sides thinner. The style can match any statement or gender so to speak. It looks classy and elegant  but surely not a high-maintenance thing. There are two magnetic snaps that are convenient to shut and open. It is great for office people or even for a travel buddy.

You can acquire any of these either for yourself or for someone, whom you want to give a present to. Prices range from 20 USD to 80 USD from some trusted shops like YrGear. Make sure you get a legit site like this one to get only the legit products in stock.